IT Consulting

The ACI approach towards IT Consulting encompasses a range of services designed to make our clients’ technology work more effectively for them. We provide our clients with solutions that meet the performance and utilization demands of their business. After all, if your technology doesn't work, neither do you.

Some of our IT consulting solutions include:

Our hardware refresh services have the ability to identify company assets, assess utilization of technology, identify serviceability issues and prioritize phases of the refresh based upon age, utilization and performance. This strategic service offered by ACI helps clients ensure smooth transition periods with minimal downtime.

Our business continuity planning service is a developed process that helps your organization plan for a potentially disruptive event. ACI will work to oversee the plan, provide input, support and strategy and put the plan into action if an emergency occurs. Whether after a disaster or a power outage, our service will help you move forward rather than backward.

When your company partners with ACI, you will benefit from a technology plan that is designed specifically for your company and its needs. Our team will work to evaluate and analyze the performance and utilization of your network and IT function; ensuring that you have the best processes in place to allow your business to achieve its goals.

The security services offered by ACI monitor your network continually to detect any signs of weakness before they turn into a problem. Our team works to make sure that proper critical security updates are installed when they are needed and your computer system is able to fend off viruses, malware and other threats. Furthermore, if the necessary updates are not current on your machines, the specialists at ACI can install them without a disruption in work. Our team also monitors your network firewalls and devices to ensure each of these are properly updated and capable of providing the protection your network requires.

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Because of our expertise in the medical and dental industries, we understand just how important it is to make sure your practice is HIPAA compliant while also working to benefit from the new HITECH Act that serves to move the medical and dental industries into the future. We have developed a strategy and provide expert advice to our clients not only to become compliant and stay compliant, but also prove compliance. Furthermore, we are dedicated to protecting the privacy and security of your practice and patients, considering your success integral to our own. ACI is considered a HIPAA compliant organization and the strategy developed by ACI meets required HIPAA measures for compliance.


Remember, your IT function doesn't have to be a mystery. Partner with ACI and show a return on your technology investment.

Contact us today to learn more about the IT Consulting platform that will truly work to elevate your organization.