Downtime costs every type of business a loss in productivity, not to mention a disruption in sales. As a result, we’re firmly committed to keeping every aspect of your network function at all times.

Our team of experts utilizes the latest technology and best practices to secure your systems and scout for any sign of small issues that could quickly grow into larger problems that take your company out of action.

Our flat rate fees will be stability not only to your IT, but also to your budget. You’ll always know what you’re paying every month, with no surprise charges that could wreak havoc on your finances.

"My experience with ACI has been both positive and beneficial to my company since the start of our business relationship. Before they came onsite we had no support or administration for the network. After ACI examined our system and infrastructure their professionals gave us several options on how to maximize the utilization of all of our resources both in terms of hardware and software. It was discovered that our network was underutilized and at risk. Their friendly systems engineers redesigned an Active Directory network and tightened our security. Their Maintenance Agreements serve as reassurance in knowing that someone will be there to assist us in the event of a disaster or malfunction of our systems. Every time I call on ACI for support, their professionals answer, troubleshoot, and resolve the issue or perform the requested services or changes. We look forward to our continuing relationship with ACI.”

Dean Browning
Chief Financial Officer
New World Aviation
Lehigh Valley, PA