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7 Benefits Of A VoIP Phone System 

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If you’re still on the fence about switching your business over to a VoIP phone system, you might be wondering why? What are the benefits of this solution for your business? Well, it is pretty evident that most things are going more virtual and online-based, but does that mean that your phone system necessarily has to? There are many benefits to switching to a VoIP phone system, but here are our top 7! 

VoIP Phone System Benefit 1: Low Cost 

VoIP Phone Systems are low cost, so you’ll actually save money. Unlike traditional phone systems that can add up in costs and fees as someone must come out to manage your hard-wired PBX, VoIP phone systems typically have a low initial cost. They come with a low monthly fee, saving you money over more expensive, hands-on options. This allows you to cut the cord and your phone bill! 

Benefit 2: Easy To Manage 

With a VoIP phone system, you’ll be able to better manage your company, navigate your call logs, and ensure proper customer service. VoIP systems are convenient and easy to manage on your own. There is no need to call out a service provider, and most solutions can be taken care of without your IT personnel (unless you still really want them to help). This frees up everyone’s time, so your business can focus on what is most important – your business. 

VoIP Phone System Benefit 3: Feature-Rich Platform 

The features of a VoIP phone system are some of the most enticing benefits and what really set it apart from the surface-level functionality of a regular phone system. Some of the features include: 

  • Video Calling (Skip the regular audio call and get a visual of your employees, co-workers, or business partners when you can’t meet in person) 
  • Video Conferencing (Host a live meeting in real time) 
  • Call Management (Hold, transfer, and pick-up calls that are waiting seamlessly) 
  • Chat and Instant Messaging (Easily send a quick message to others in your network) 
  • Integration (Easily integrates into your CRM platform, billing software, Microsoft Teams, and much more) 
  • + SO MANY MORE! 

VoIP Phone System Benefit 4: Scalability 

As your business grows, so does your VoIP phone system. In the “olden” days, if you wanted to add a new line to your phone system, you’d have to call out your service provider and have them install a new physical device and hardwire in new lines to service that new device.  

With VoIP phones, adding a new line is as simple as plugging in a new device and installing it on your platform. You or your IT team can easily handle it within a few minutes. The scalability of VoIP allows your tech to grow right alongside your company without hours (or even days) of waiting for a service provider to come out and at a much lower cost than paying for that service provider to come out. 

Benefit 5: Easy Configuration 

We have slightly touched on it in the ‘Easy to Manage’ & ‘Scalability’ sections, but VoIP phone systems are also easy to set up. You do not need an advanced degree, an IT certificate, or years of technological experience to get started. Configuration with your VoIP phone system is easy and user-friendly, so you should be able to set it up with no problem! This is also very convenient when you want to add or remove a line, as re-configuration is just as easy! 

Benefit 6: Automation 

The automation of a VoIP phone system allows for a virtual call attendant that can direct calls to the appropriate party, help to manage call waiting, and more! This takes the pressure off your administrative staff and allows them to focus on other aspects of your business. With the automation of a VoIP phone system, your customer service will be streamlined, so you can ensure that your customers are getting the best service every time. 

VoIP Phone System Benefit 7: Mobility 

Many VoIP phone system providers have a platform that can not only be accessed in the office; they can also be accessed on the go via laptops, tablets, and cell phones. This comes in handy while working across offices in various locations, working from home, or conducting business while traveling. The mobility of VoIP phone systems also allows for seamless call transfers between devices, whether they are in the same office or across the world from each other. Conducting business has never been easier. 

Start Benefitting From ACI’s VoIP Phone System 

Your business can access all these benefits plus more with ACI’s VoIP phone system! If you’re looking for a solution that does more for your business, while allowing you to put in less work, we can help! Contact us today, to see how your business and customers can benefit from ACI’s VoIP Phone System.