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Fabulous Features of a Cloud-Based Business Phone System 

cloud-based business phone system

It takes a lot to keep your successful business up and running. If you have the wrong phone system, you could be working a lot harder on communications than you should be. A cloud-based business phone system is packed with features that positively affect workplace efficiency and improve customer service. In this article, we will dive into these features and how they impact your business.  

The Basics: What is a Cloud-Based Business Phone System 

A cloud-based business phone system, also known as VoIP (voice over internet protocol) or Cloud PBX, uses the internet to provide phone service instead of traditional copper phone lines. Because service is provided through the internet, these solutions are more reliable, scalable, and mobile than their traditional counterparts.  

The Benefits: Features of a Cloud-Based Business Phone System 

Many providers offer standard and specialized features. When comparing providers and features, you need to consider what will benefit your business the most. The following features are top priorities for most small to medium-sized businesses.  

Administrative Portal 

As a business owner, you are likely to be involved in ALL aspects of your business. With an administrative portal as part of the phone system, you can easily manage all aspects of your phone system. You can change the settings, assign call rules, personalize menus, and so much more through the administrative portal. You can also make adjustments and changes as needed without a phone call to your provider.  

Call Analytics 

Call analytics is a feature that users don’t know they need until they have it. Not only does call analytics allow you to track performance, but also useage. This information will help you ensure that your business has the right number of employees working at high traffic times, leading to high customer service and experience.  


When Covid-19 shut down businesses and sent employees home, some companies were able to continue business as usual. These companies had mobility built into their phone system. With softphone capabilities and general internet accessibility, employees can utilize a cloud-based phone system from anywhere that has internet access. Now that employees have had a taste of what it’s like to work remotely, 97% wish to keep working that way in some way. That means flexibility and mobility are more important now than ever before.  


Integrations can be vital to your business. With the capability to integrate, you are opening the door to improving employee productivity and efficiency. Integrations are available through open APIs. Therefore, it is very important to work with your provider to know if they offer an open API for their phone system or not. Some key integrations for any sized business include customer relationship management, better known as CRMs, as well as integrations with email and messaging platforms.  

Auto Attendants 

Auto attendants, also known as interactive voice response (IVR), ensure that every incoming call is answered and fielded to the correct department. With the administrative portal, you can program your auto attendant to direct your customers to the right person or place, but also offer additional information. For example, you can program in your business hours, location, and any other information that is commonly sought after but doesn’t need a human for a correct response.     

Future-Proof Your Business With A Cloud-Based Business Phone System 

If you are not yet taking advantage of all the features of a cloud-based phone system and still running on a plain old telephone system, it’s time for an upgrade. Here at ACI, we are ready to help you future-proof your business with our VoIP phone solution. We offer all the features your business needs to become more efficient.  

When using and implementing our system, your team will become empowered to boost your customer’s satisfaction. Schedule a call with us today to get started!