IT Solutions for Small and Mid-Size Businesses


ACI understands that being prepared technologically in the new business cycle is only half of the battle. It is the savvy business owner who recognizes that a proactive approach towards their company’s IT functions is necessary in order to beat the status quo.

It is understood that you are great at your core competency and what your business delivers to its customers. More likely than not, that core competency doesn’t include the ongoing management of IT.

That's where we can help.

ACI provides complete IT and communication solutions. We understand that you need the right technology for your commercial business, medical or dental office, right now. You need to make sure that you have the ability to compete, internally and externally, from an IT standpoint to stay relevant in the marketplace.

Our service offerings include:

ACI strives to find the best solution to meet each individual customer’s needs. We have structured our product offering in a way that guarantees responsiveness, assists in streamlining IT functions, and delivers a comprehensive “technology plan” to our valued clients.

We have built our business by anticipating the needs of our clients, and we consider your objectives to be part of our company mission. We want to help you accomplish your goals and realize how increased productivity and profitability can be achieved when your company’s IT function becomes less reactive and more proactive.

Get in touch today and learn how ACI can become your trusted partner through the implementation of technology solutions that help you work smarter and make your technology work harder.