IT Solutions for Small and Mid-Size Businesses


ACI works with engineering firms to better their maintenance, support and network infrastructure, and cap their monthly cost for their IT service. We value long-term relationships with our clients and will work closely with your business to ensure that you have all the technology resources for software and hardware you need to be successful.

Our engineering clients demand a lot from their IT infrastructure that other types of businesses don’t. A piece of technology is more considered a tool which needs to perform consistently to support your 3-D drawings. They just keep getting larger and more complex.

For our engineering clients we provide:

  • Fast storage for current projects
  • Long term archival storage
  • Speed of access
  • Application performance
  • The ability to transfer large files securely


We know these apps, their hardware requirements, the tricky driver issues, the print and plot challenges, the data transfer woes and application compatibility issues with the guy on the other end of this project. We help our clients with these issues daily and help them implement systems to keep these issues at bay.

Share your story and how your business runs and let’s see if ACI can help you streamline your process.