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Simplify Your Office Communications Now With Hosted VoIP 

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Technology in our current business world is more important than ever. To be at the forefront of your field, hosted VoIP has become a necessity. Although this technology has been around since the 1960s, it has taken some time to perfect and evolve into the business tool that we have needed it to be.  

VoIP has the power to tie together multiple avenues of communication as well as several of your current applications, platforms, and systems. So, the question becomes, how is your office environment? Can your employees work efficiently and effectively to complete their tasks? If you have not already started using hosted VoIP, now is the time.   

What is Hosted VoIP? 

Hosted VoIP, in its most basic definition, is receiving phone service through the internet. In fact, VoIP stands for voice over internet protocol. This enables any device that is connected to the internet to become a part of the phone network. However, hosted VoIP offers so much more than just phone/voice service. 

How Can Hosted VoIP Simplify the Office? 

A hosted VoIP solution can simplify the office in many ways. The capabilities, flexibility, and affordability of hosted VoIP allow you to boost productivity, increase your bottom line, and become a leader amongst your competitors.   


The capabilities of a hosted VoIP solution far exceed what traditional phone services offer. Not only can you take and receive calls, but you can enable chat, video conferencing, and voicemail transcription. This means that your communications are now centralized and easier to navigate.  

With communications that are easier to navigate, employees and colleagues can collaborate at a higher level. Conference calls and video conferencing enable participants to visualize who is talking. Teams can also mute or remove participants if needed.  

If you are hoping to run a successful business, it is necessary to have some sort of customer relations management (CRM) system. The great news is that a hosted VoIP solution can have seamless CRM integration capabilities.  

When your VoIP solution and CRM are integrated, your employees can better serve your customers. Employees will be able to search for customer information faster, attend to customer concerns without delay, and can look up the history of the client to better understand their needs.  

Along with CRM integrations, a great hosted VoIP solution can also integrate with accounting and bookkeeping systems as well as project management platforms. These integrations can minimize errors, delays, and lessen communication issues.  


More and more offices have adopted a hybrid or remote work model. If you are considering offering these models, you will need to make sure that your phone system supports your employees. With a hosted VoIP solution, your employees can work from anywhere. VoIP solutions come with mobile applications that can be installed on multiple devices including cell phones, tablets, and laptops.  

The ability to work from home or on the go not only benefits employees but also you as the employer. The overhead costs of the office are reduced, productivity remains the same or is increased, and your hiring pool is expanded to worldwide reaches.  


Traditional phone service comes packed with hidden fees and costs. As a business owner, you may never know what your monthly bill will look like due to differing usage and maintenance issues that arise. Traditional phones can also become unusable during natural disasters and power outages.  

Traditional phones offer several add-on features that require additional fees, like caller ID, voicemail, call waiting, etc. If your company wants to utilize these features (and more), hosted VoIP should be your go-to choice as they are included with the solution.  

Using VoIP will save your company hundreds, if not thousands of dollars by having a 99.999% uptime. With no hidden fees and costs, a hosted VoIP solution allows you and your employees the ability to connect with customers and colleagues affordably.  

Streamline Your Communications 

As the world continues to move toward mobility, more businesses are turning to hosted VoIP as their voice solution. ACI is ready to get you started with a trustworthy hosted VoIP solution. ACI will install your communication solution and train you on how to streamline your business with hosted VoIP. Contact ACI today to begin building a better business through your communications.